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We know that the Religious Holidays in Italy may be one of the most authentic journey of the spirit . Now, besides the popular Shrines of Italy, likewise Rome, Florence or Venice, there is a Christian Italy made out of Religious traditions, customs and architecture that are the quintessence of the bimillenaire Religious history of Italy. We are here to help those who are planning an Italy travel with the specific purpose of experience a deeper sense of the Roman Catholic Church in Italy.

Rome Travels S.r.l., our family owned Travel company, is also a guarantee in customising a Catholic Pilgrimage through the most significant sites for a Pilgrimage to Italy.

We are glad to continue to help travel agents, religious groups or individual pilgrims in explaining and locate the Catholic relics, commenting the Catholic doctrine through the monuments of the Christianity, the history and the sites of the Catholic Saints in Italy: in other words, we are focused on Religious tours.

We want to help Catholic Pilgrimages in describing and proving all ground services in order to make memorable your Catholic Pilgrimage to Italy and thus customizing a specific Religious holiday towards the Shrines of Italy. Rome Travels organizes tours dedicated to the memories of the Catholic faith in Italy: religious tours, pilgrimages, tour packages on request. We normally take care personally of our estimated visitors and groups following step-by-step your Religious vacation.

We are also able to arrange a Religious travel directed towards the sites of the major Italy Saints where they are buried.

Last, we provide on request day-by-day itineraries along with costs, arranging food, transportation, prayers, masses, overnights (and Religious accommodation), local tour guides and tour escorts in the major Christian Religious sites of the Italian Peninsula, with veritable Religious Travel packages. We believe that each pilgrimage travel is a lifetime experience and must be reminded forever.